As a matter of fact, router is the pillar of the internet as it delivers continuous support to it. Ultimately, router is a gadget of three layers. More, numerous networks are linked with the aid of router. However on a term of separate networks. In the meantime, Internet Service Supplier makes the probability of connection.

In easy words a router is a gadget which moves the data packs or the info between the PC networks.

Later comes is Internet Protocol address.  Besides, this IP address supports the working of communication. Furthermore, this interaction is done linking the gadgets. In maximum incidents, you will notice to be the generic IP address.

What is

Generally, you may notice being a personal address that is IPV4. Moreover, it works as a personal gateway.  Furthermore, it is to be observed that every IP address is unique from each other. In the meantime, the number of IP addresses are split with the aid of full stops. At times, you may even realize or to be worked as Internet Protocol addresses. default IP address features

As we obtained a basic idea about IP address, let’s take a glimpse at its features too.

Primarily, the prime advantage is applying same IP address from various networks.

Also, there is no requirement to get alternative DHCP server.

Finally, because it even plays the responsibility of a freeway, there is easy & smooth flow of data.

Steps to login to IP address

This is the most crucial part and one must follow all the steps carefully.

First step: To begin with, go to the web browser. Later, insert And now simply press the enter key.

Second Step: After that, soon you may notice a prompt window emerging on the screen. On this, you require to supply the login details for instance usernames as well as passwords of the router. Just click on the ok key.

Third step: Lastly, another window will emerge. After that, you may effortlessly perform the necessary modifications.

Finding the IP address of your router

As, we all are aware that all routers supplement its own IP address, and so, there arrives a necessity to recognize the IP address.

1st Step: To begin with, go to the command prompt.

2nd step: Now, in the run box write cmd.

3rd step: After that, in the command window write ipconfig.

4th step: Finally, you will receive all the data about the IPv4 address, on the DNS server & about the Gateway in addition.

Method to alter the IP address

Even though all routers are linked with its default IP address, still one may even alter it if he wants to do so. And so, the steps to alter the IP address are as below:-

First Step: At first, push the secreted key that you will notice at the base of the modem for 15-20 secs roughly.

Second Step: Consequently, this will aid to reset your gadget into factory settings.

Third Step: At last, you may login to the router settings with the aid of applying the default usernames & passwords.

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